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If you are considering participation in research

Who will be conducting the interview?

Interviews are conducted by Assistant Professor, Dr. Lidiia Pletneva.


What is the format of the interview?

The interviews are conducted via Zoom (video call) or in-person (in London or Saint-Petersburg).


How long does the interview take?

The length of the interview fully depends on each individual case. I've had a 45-minute-long interview as well as a 2.5-hour-long interview. My priority is to provide you with as much time as necessary and to make sure you do not feel any time pressure. Usually, it takes around 1 h 30 min.


What exactly do I mean by saying that the interview is fully confidential?

This means that no real names will ever be mentioned anywhere in the study. The results of the study will be published in a scientific journal. Only a couple of quotes will be included in the text of the paper with no identifying information.


Have other questions?

Email me, I am happy to clarify what is needed:

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