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I am an Assistant Professor of Management with a focus on Organisational Behaviour at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I received my PhD in Organisational Behaviour from ESSEC Business School, France.


As an Organizational Behavior scholar, I use qualitative methods to explore the impact of personal critical events on professional life, including on work identity.

My current focus is on grief-inducing events and how work can help an individual to move through such an experience as well as how this experience affects work identity. Additionally, I am interested in understanding how such a personal experience can also affect an individual’s coworkers. My work outside of my dissertation is also tightly linked to critical events and professional life. An additional facet of my published work explores teaching practices in the field of management.

My work has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, won the 2022 MOC Best Student-Led Paper Award, was designated as a “Best Paper” for MOC Division, and was nominated for the 2022 William H. Newman Award at AOM. Another work, which is part of my dissertation I am currently preparing for submission, won the Best Student Paper Award at the Thirteenth International Conference on Emotions and Worklife ‘EMONET XIII’, Lancaster, UK and was a finalist for the 2023 MOC Best Student-Led Paper Award at AOM.

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